Why Choose Samiad?3

• We offer an interesting, new and cultural alternative to host family stays.

• We can design a suite of programmes and deliver them on chosen dates to fit your school calendar.  Every year we are increasing the variety of weekend and half term programmes we offer.  We listen to each of our school partners, parents and the students to offer what we thing will be the most entertaining weekend possible.

• Students have the flexibility to pick and choose to take part in any number of programmes during exeat weekends or half term weeks during a school year. 

• All of our programmes are run by experienced staff who have worked with children and overseas students for many years.  We will collect the students from school on Friday evening, accompany them throughout the weekend and then return them at an agreed time on Sunday evening.  At all times during the trip the students are accompanied.

• We have a great relationship with our school partners, and in most cases we work hand in hand with them to offer these programmes.  Therefore you can get in touch with us directly or via the school to enquire or book any of programmes.

• We have been working with boarding schools on programmes such as these for 3 years as well as running a number of successful international summer schools.  We have built up a wealth of experience with dealing with students from all countries and our team are very experience with each weekend we run.

• We have been nominated for best ‘Junior Course for under 18s’ at the StudyTravel Star Awards 2016.