Frequently asked questions

What do students need to bring with them?

The majority of things are provided for you by Samiad during your stay, but here are a few key things that you will need to bring:

  • Documents required to prove your visa status
  • Clothes, suitable for outdoor activities, as well as a mixture of clothing for warm and cold weather as sometimes the weather in the UK can catch us out.
  • A small amount of spending money, in order to buy memorabilia from any trips etc.
  • Insurance information
  • Toiletries including a towel
  • Any specific medical treatment or requirements
  • White sole trainers or sports shoes for use in the sports hall

Is insurance needed?
Yes, all students must have insurance before arriving on site. Please see our insurance section for more details of how this is arranged.

How do I pay for the course?
Please proceed to the How to apply page on our website.

Do you have any information to read before arriving?
We have a comprehensive pre-arrival guide that you should read before arriving. This details exactly what you should bring with you, but also what to expect from the UK and Samiad Summer School. This will be sent to your email once payment has been received.

Will you meet the students at the airport?
Yes, a member of the Samiad team will be there to meet each student that has arranged an airport transfer. In most cases you will know in advance who this person will be. Please check the airline rules for those intending to travel as an unaccompanied minor, as sometimes they require the contact information of the person meeting them on arrival. This can be arranged as we often get individual students arriving, as well as large and small groups travelling together. Please see our Airport Transfer Information.

When shall students arrive at the school?
All students will arrive on Sunday afternoon, but times may vary by a few hours.

What happens if someone is delayed?
Minor delays of less than an hour will not require additional transport to be arranged and the original member of staff will wait to meet the student(s). If the delay is longer than an hour, new transfer arrangements can be made however these will be at an additional cost, as per the Airport Transfer Information.
Who attends summer school?
Each summer, Samiad welcomes students from over 35 countries. This ensures that there is an opportunity to make friends with people from multiple countries, while still having a number of other students with the same nationality. There are two age categories for Samiad Summer Schools, either 7 – 12 year olds or 13 – 18 year olds. The itinerary are largely the same, however activities will differ between the two groups.
What are the class sizes?
The maximum class sizes for English classes are 15, however occasionally groups will come together when required for group exercises.
What are the sleeping arrangements
All children will sleep in quality approved school boarding facilities in single or twin rooms. Boys and girls are separated and children will be placed in groups of a similar age range. If siblings or friends would like to share a room, please contact us prior to arrival and this can be arranged.
How do students contact home?
Students have access to the internet, via free Wifi, throughout the day and will be encouraged to contact home regularly throughout the trip. They can also make phone calls home in between English classes and activities.

As well as this, you can keep up to date with what your child has been doing during the summer school with a daily email update of what activities they have chosen to do, plus pictures of their experience during camp will be uploaded daily through our social media platforms on facebook and instagram.
Who do I contact if I have any questions while my child is at the School?
Upon payment, you will receive a pre-arrival guide that you and your child can read. Within that guide is full contact details of a number of key staff at Samiad, as well as emergency contact details.
What if you have special dietary requirements?
Please inform us of any special dietary requirements at the time of booking.
Do students need spending money?
Yes, it is wise to bring spending money for souvenirs, sweets, drinks and presents. We suggest approximately £50 per week. We can look after valuables such as passports, travel documents and pocket money in the school safe. We suggest that students bring as little valuables as possible.
What happens on departure day?
On the morning of the departure day, students will receive breakfast and then depart for the airport. Students who have arranged an airport transfer will be accompanied by a member of the Samiad team. We then help to check in each student before seeing them safely through to the departure lounge. For those travelling as an unaccompanied minor we will ensure that they are handed over to a member of the airline staff before leaving.